Cosmetic Surgery Associates of Westchester is the first plastic surgery practice to offer SmartLipo (LaserBodySculpting) - schedule your consultation in Westchester County, Manhattan or Putnam County today.

SmartLipo represents the newest advancement in liposuction. It permanently removes unwanted fat and tightens skin in a single office visit without general anesthesia. When compared with traditional liposuction, there is minimal swelling and bruising, a more rapid recovery (procedures typically performed with local anesthesia), increased tissue tightening and a more rapid return to your active lifestyle. The instruments used to perform SmartLipo are much smaller than the insrtruments used n traditional liposuction. Their small size aid in precise and accurate fat removal.

On the day of your SmartLipo procedure, the areas to be treated wiill be marked by one of the board-certified plastic surgeons of Cosmetic Surgery Associates fo Westchester. You will then be placed in the proper position on the treatment table. The area to be treated will be gently put to sleep with local anesthesia and your procedure will be performed through small holes less then 2 mm in diameter (the size of a large needle). At the end of your SmartLipo procedure, a compression garment will be placed over the treated area. You are then able to go home.

More and more people are having body contouring procedures, SmartLipo may be right for you.

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